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AI Predictions in 2021

Indeed, Artificial Intelligence has greatly influenced our lives in many different ways. Despite the inevitable changes brought by the global pandemic that has forced many of the world’s most intelligent data scientists to work from their homes, new AI-driven innovations continued to exist.

Moving forward, AI will be the key to automated, simplified and contactless processes that will help us in our “new normal.” With AI and machine learning continuously making waves in the industry, it isn’t surprising to see that 2021 is looking forward to expanding that trend. Field experts can actually see humans and machines working seamlessly together to eliminate biases in algorithms while also making simple tasks a lot easier through automation.

Top 6 AI Predictions in 2021

Below are some of the boldest predictions in the world of Artificial Intelligence in the year 2021:

1. AI applications will require automated governance.

In 2021, enterprises are expected to implement AI governance across their organisation by launching strong model assurance within the company’s machine learning operational workflows. This will help ensure that AI apps accurately perform their intended functionalities while preventing privacy violations, demographic biases as well as other algorithm outcomes. AI governance platform providers are also expected to expand their ability to deploy, control and manage a series of assured models. 

2. Addressing bias in AI algorithms will become the top priority in choosing the best identity proofing solution. 

In 2021, more and more enterprises are expected to implement the use of facial recognition, an AI-based contactless authentication technology, to address the market’s increasing rate of internal and customer-facing applications. However, addressing the demographic bias (age, race, gender) in AI algorithms will also be prioritised. This is because businesses are becoming more concerned about the effects of these biases on their brand and their potential to become legal issues. 

3. AI will become less artificial.

In the coming year, remote work is still expected to continue, social distancing measures will still be implemented and the economy will continue to face disruptions. The “new normal” calls for companies to think outside of the box and discover new and effective and ways to continue their operations. The use of AI will be the world’s best defense. 

In 2021, enterprises are expected to take a more human-centered approach to AI initiatives. This will allow them to better understand user needs and values, and adapt AI designs and models appropriately. 

4. AI and Machine Learning (ML) will provide intelligent edge experiences.

In 2021, companies will make the most out of AI through holographic meetings for both on-demand and remote work. This will transform strategic planning, create simulations in the boardroom and provide people with intelligent edge experiences.

5. Deepfake technology to give life to a new breed of AI-based media tools.

In the coming year, deepfake technology’s Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) will help improve the composition and refinement of audio, video and other types of media content through the use of algorithm manipulation. GANs will soon become known as the standard tools by improving the verisimilitude of the users’ presence in real-time virtual offices.

6. Reinforcement learning will be brought to the AI’s mainstream through robotics.

In 2021, many human functions are expected to be handed over to agile robots. Through reinforcement learning, these robots will be trained either partially or entirely, allowing them to efficiently navigate, manage and manipulate various objects in real-world situations.

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