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AI’s contributions to the healthcare sector

AI has reached new levels, and Asia seems to be in the lead. 

According to The Straits Times, Singapore came in 3rd among the 15 countries surveyed for Future Health Index by Royal Philips. Singapore had the third largest percentage of healthcare professionals (28%) who said they used Artificial Intelligence to improve diagnostic accuracy.  

A recent study found that AI enabled review and translation of mammograms 30 times faster, and with 99% accuracy! This means that there will be lesser need for biopsies, patients can save time and get treated earlier. 

How else can AI potentially help the healthcare sector? Well, AI has improved so much it can potentially be used in the surgery room, making more precise strokes and perhaps, even being able to save more people at one time. The following video will show you how: 

The potential of AI has just started booming, and who knows what the future holds? Besides diagnosing problems, AI is now capable of listening to commands from surgeons and doctors, and can even brighten up those on the brink of death through interactions with such patients. 

What more can AI do? What’s the limit of AI in healthcare? 

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