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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Singapore Condo Digital Advertising Promotion

Want to target your ads at Singapore condo audiences?! Our condominium advertising platform helps you to easily get their attention every day.

Target Residents of these Condos (Map Updated July 2021)


  •  Guaranteed viewership for your advertisement and promotions.
  •  Garner more online traffic to your corporate website.
  •  Quick time-to-market for your sales & marketing campaign.
  •  Quick & Easy process to select, book and pay for ads space with a wide range of design templates to choose from.
  •  Fit into any advertising and promotional budget.
  •  Flexibility to change campaign content, dates and locations.
  •  Track no of visits to view ads.

Show Your Ads At The Most Obvious Locations

Customer Interaction Analysis

  • 59% of people who see digital signage content want to learn more about the product or topic.
  • Digital displays bring about a 32.8% growth in repeat buyers.
  • Over 40% of buyers say that digital signage can influence their purchasing decision.
  • 47% of viewers can recall seeing a particular message
  • Digital signage bumps up the average purchase amount by 29.5%

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