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Remote Work Solutions

A big part of Singapore starts working from home today. Companies have been snapping up computer notebooks and setting up their remote work environment over the past few days to enable staff to telecommute.

Large enterprises mostly would have a business continuity plan in place, but many SMEs wouldn’t have planned for such a time to come.

We have compiled a list of solutions to support SMEs through this COVID-19 crisis

While we can’t endorse every vendor and solution on the list, we have done some testing to ensure that the solutions are worth adopting for the next few months, and also suitable for long term adoption for business digitisation and business productivity.

Visitor Management Solutions

1. FREE Visitor Health and Travel Declaration with QR code

Visitor scans QR code with mobile phone and fills the declaration form. This solution is free of charge.

Details: https://bevootech.com/articles/covid-19-support-for-smes/free-health-and-travel-declaration-system-with-qr-code/

2. Govtech Visitor Health and Travel Declaration with SingPass

Visitor scans QR code with mobile phone and uses SingPass to fills the declaration form. This solution is free of charge.

Details: https://www.ndi-api.gov.sg/travel-health-declaration

Remote Work

1. DingTalk

All in one workplace for collaboration and communication
FREE mobile workplace solution from Alibaba with features for individual chat, group chats, secret chats, HD video conferencing up to 302 participants and 100GB shared file storage.

Details: https://www.dingtalk.com/

2. Zoho Remotely

Zoho Work from Home software bundle is available free till July 1, 2020. Includes a complete suite of web and mobile apps that will help you communicate, collaborate and be productive.

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Details: https://bevootech.com/zoho-work-from-home-software-bundle/

Productivity Improvements

1. Zoho CRM

Pre-configured system with modules to manage Leads, Contacts, Organisations, Sales Opportunities, and all Sales Communications. Use system on Internet Browser and Mobile applications for iOS and Android. 

Details: https://bevootech.com/zoho-crm-promotion-for-smes/

2. SingRoll Payroll System

Singroll is a Singapore payroll software trusted by thousands of SMEs and FREE for use with no charges or license fees.

Details: https://singroll.com/web/

3. Cloud HR System

Integrated HR system to handle payroll, leave, claims, expenses, mobile attendance tracking with up to 80% PSG grant. Cloud based HR software compliant with CPF, IRAS, MOM regulations

Details: https://bevootech.com/payroll-software-e-leave-mobile-attendance-app-psg-grant/

4. Accounting Software

IRAS-compliant accounting software for small businesses in Singapore. Quotations, invoices, bank reconciliation, book-keeping, inventory management & more. PSG up to 80%.

Details: https://bevootech.com/singapore-accounting-software-sme-grant/

It’s Time for all Businesses to Make Changes

The push for digitisation in Singapore has been going on for the last 30 years, with grants and incentives from the Singapore government. But today, adoption rate is still not optimal. In the current situation that businesses are mandated to shut the workplaces to have staff work from home, there is no choice but to adapt. Adapting would require proper systems in place for effective communications and collaboration. Tools are available with up 80% grant, no reason not to upgrade. There is no indication on how long the COVID-19 situation will last and whether similar will happen again in the future. It’s time to make changes and be prepared.

What did we miss out on?

If you are looking for remote working solutions with specific requirements to support on your work from home initiatives, feel free to leave a comment below and we will do our best to source for you and update this page.

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