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Singapore AI News Roundup May 2023

Know more about the latest AI news in Singapore for the entire month of May 2023 only here at SGBusinessTalk. 

AI Singapore and the Digital and Intelligence Service Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Enhance AI Capabilities for Singapore’s Digital Defence

signing aggreement

Senior Minister of State officiated Singapore’s inaugural AI Student Developer Conference for Defence, Mr. Heng Chee How providing participants with insights into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the AI industry. The event, organized by AI Singapore (AISG), included panel discussions, interactive booths, workshops, and career exploration opportunities. AISG signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Singapore Armed Forces’ Digital and Intelligence Service (DIS) to deepen national AI expertise for Singapore’s digital defense. The MOU will enhance collaboration, strengthen DIS’s capability development in Data Science and AI, and enable DIS to harness rapid AI innovation. DIS will leverage AISG’s industry programs and talent development initiatives to deploy advanced AI techniques, integrate them into operations, and expand its workforce. The partnership aims to develop a robust pipeline of AI talents with knowledge of national defense to safeguard Singapore’s digital borders.

Read more: https://www.mindef.gov.sg/web/portal/mindef/news-and-events/latest-releases/article-detail/2023/May/13may23_nr2


Google’s ARCore Partners with Singapore Tourism Board to Create AI-Powered Guided Tours

google signage

Google’s ARCore and the Singapore Tourism Board have collaborated to launch immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences in the Visit Singapore app. The preview includes two AR experiences at Merlion Park and Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall, allowing visitors to take guided tours. The full launch with more attractions is expected later this year. Powered by Google’s ARCore Geospatial API, the AR experiences utilize advanced technologies such as visual positioning and global localization to precisely anchor virtual content in the real world. With the Visit Singapore app, users can engage with Singapore’s landmarks and hidden gems through interactive AR elements, enhancing their travel experience. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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Dyson Expanding In Singapore, Philippines, And U.K. Under Firm’s $3.4 Billion Global Investment Plan


Dyson is expanding its global investment plan with new manufacturing facilities and technological hubs in Singapore, the Philippines, and the U.K. The company’s focus on software and AI capabilities has led to the development of an advanced battery facility in Singapore’s Tuas town, set to be operational by 2025. James Dyson, the founder, emphasized the importance of software, connectivity, AI, and next-generation batteries in powering their future technologies. Dyson’s investment in Singapore began in 2007 with the development of high-speed digital electric motors and has since grown to include mass production of engines with the help of autonomous robots.

Read more:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/jonathanburgos/2023/05/03/dyson-expanding-in-singapore-philippines-and-uk-under-firms-34-billion-global-investment-plan/?sh=39b82d8f23cf


Singapore Navy to use more of AI, unmanned tech as new chief urges young ‘digital natives’ to hop on board

singapore navy

Rear Admiral Sean Wat, the newly appointed Chief of Navy for the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), highlighted the increasing use of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics in naval operations. While AI plays a role in surveillance systems and unmanned technology helps overcome workforce limitations, RAdm Wat emphasized that these technologies cannot replace core human functions like leadership and complex decision-making. RSN aims to develop skills and expertise alongside technological advancements. The Navy is exploring incorporating AI and unmanned systems in platforms and vessels to enhance operational efficiency and expand surveillance capabilities. Training will also focus on maximizing the use of unmanned technology. RSN is committed to bilateral and multilateral military exercises to foster defense relationships and contribute to a secure maritime environment. The International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (Imdex) Asia is a platform for dialogue and building trust among participating countries.

Read more: https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/singapore-navy-ai-unmanned-tech-young-digital-natives-transform-2163876


GrabFood’s AI-generated photos draw negative reactions from users

food menu

GrabFood has been testing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to generate food photos on its platform, but users have expressed dissatisfaction with the results. Users on Reddit discovered AI-generated photos of popular Japanese dishes that contained mistakes and looked unappetizing. Grab clarified that they are experimenting with AI-generated images to support merchants who may need more resources to take their food photos. They acknowledged that selecting visually appealing and accurate images could have been improved. The pilot program is currently limited to a small group of merchant partners who can choose to opt-out. Grab reviews of the photos based on user feedback and make necessary updates or removals.

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Read more: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/grabfood-s-ai-generated-photos-spark-bewildered-reactions-from-users


‘Thanks ChatGPT’: Singapore man wins lottery using AI


A man in Singapore, Aaron Tan, won a small prize in the TOTO lottery after using ChatGPT to generate random numbers. Tan asked ChatGPT to generate seven numbers, which he used in the exact order for the lottery draw. He matched three numbers correctly and won a prize of 50 Singaporean dollars. This is not the first instance of someone winning a lottery with numbers generated by ChatGPT, as a man in Thailand previously won $59 using the program.

Read more:  https://nextshark.com/chatgpt-toto-lottery-win


AI-driven tech company Advance Intelligence Group secures $400m

dollars cash

Singapore-based AI-driven technology company, Advance Intelligence Group, has completed its Series D funding round, raising over $400 million. The funding was led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and Warburg Pincus, with participation from other notable investors. With a valuation exceeding $2 billion, Advance Intelligence Group has become one of Singapore’s most prominent independent technology startups. The company offers a range of AI-powered, credit-enabled products and services, including a leading BNPL platform, big data analytics solutions, digital lending platforms, and an e-commerce merchant services platform. With operations in 12 markets across Asia and Latin America, the company plans to utilize the new capital to expand its presence in the BNPL and digital lending space, enhance its AI capabilities, serve more enterprise clients, and attract top talent. CEO Jefferson Chen emphasized the company’s commitment to driving digital commerce, financial inclusion, and equitable access to credit across Asia.

Read more: https://www.pionline.com/sovereign-wealth-funds/singapores-gic-increases-stake-ai-driven-pagaya-technologies-9


Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman meets Singapore FM Lawrence Wong; discusses setting up AI centres

shaking hands

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman met with Singapore’s Lawrence Wong during the G7 meetings in Niigata, Japan. They discussed strengthening bilateral ties, including the digital payment gateway, green transition, food security, skill development, MDB reforms, crypto assets, and pandemic preparedness. Sitharaman highlighted the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and proposed setting up new AI centers for collaboration on AI research and quantum computing. Lawrence Wong tweeted about the UPI-PayNow link and invited other countries to join. The PayNow-UPI link, established earlier this year, enables cross-border fund transfers between India and Singapore. Sitharaman also met with Brazil’s Finance Minister and addressed the G7 Seminar on economic policies for welfare, emphasizing the challenges faced by emerging markets in balancing climate security and growth. She stressed the role of technology in empowering people and highlighted the importance of sustainable development and environmental considerations.

Read more:  https://www.businesstoday.in/latest/economy/story/finance-minister-nirmala-sitharaman-meets-singapore-fm-lawrence-wong-discusses-setting-up-ai-centres-381054-2023-05-12


AI to improve insect farming efficiency

bees insect farming

Singapore-based start-up Entoverse is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize insect farming for animal and human consumption. By analyzing insect behavior and needs, the AI system developed by Entoverse helps farmers reduce insect mortality and labor costs. The system collects data on insect well-being and makes recommendations based on factors such as food availability, weather changes, temperature, and gender mix. By understanding insect communications, including their sounds, the AI system enables farmers to react quickly to abnormalities and manage production effectively. Entoverse is collaborating with Southeast Asia and Europe farms to enhance their insect production processes.

Read more: https://www.feednavigator.com/Article/2023/05/09/ai-to-improve-insect-farming-efficiency


Google launches Duet AI in S’pore to help streamline work on Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Gmail

google applications

Google is introducing Duet AI, an artificial intelligence assistant, to its Workspace suite, which includes Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Meet, and Google Sheets. Duet AI offers features like composing email responses based on prompts, generating visuals from text descriptions, automating spreadsheet data classification, and creating custom task plans. The AI assistant aims to enhance productivity and creativity for Google Workspace users. Google is also expanding its language capabilities with Google Bard, which now supports 40 languages and integrates Google Lens for visual responses. The company is actively competing in the AI field alongside other major players, to offer innovative and efficient AI-powered solutions.

Read more: https://vulcanpost.com/826302/google-duet-ai-workspace-singapore/


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