Top 10 Branding Agencies – March 2023

Top 10 Branding Agencies

Last Updated: March 2023

Branding is important as it is essentially what sets you apart. 

The rebranding of Netflix amplifies this point. Netflix was formerly a company providing DVD rental service. Now, Netflix has been so established it has more than 118 million subscribers globally, but it continues to rebrand to ensure it gains an edge in today’s competitive market.

So if your company hopes to be the next successful name that becomes so widely known across the world, choose the right branding company!

Here, we have compiled 10 of the best branding agencies in Singapore.  

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1. DW Marketing

DW Marketing in Singapore’s number one creativity branding company. This is evidenced by its awards at international events, such as the London International Creative Competition, Creativity International Awards, International Design Award. It is also the only winner from Asia for the London International Creative Competition. 

2. Carbon Interactive

Carbon Interactive received the bronze award of the marketing branding magazines agency of the year awards 2018. Its portfolio of customers such as including National Environmental Agency, Capitaland, Grand Prix and even Singapore Polytechnic, proves its trait of being a very versatile branding company. 

3. Highspark Agency

Highspark Agency focuses on strong and impactful branding technology. They are arguably the best experts in visuals, messaging and branding. They are very well known for their presentation design services, as it is one of its key strengths. 

SMMILE is a one stop branding agency founded in 2012. Our goal is to help SMEs and entrepreneurs build their dream business. Starting from scratch, we help clients with building their company logo, corporate identity, website makeovers and social media marketing. 

5. DDB Worldwide Singapore

DDB Singapore is part of DDB Worldwide, which is the 4th largest communications network worldwide, which has global presence in more than 100 countries. DDB Worldwide Singapore is a “veteran” branding company. It has been the No.1 agency for effective marketing 12 years in a row, making it the most-awarded Effie Agency in Singapore. Its repertoire of clients include McDonald’s, Health Promotion Board and National Environmental Agency. 

6. Epsilon Singapore

Epsilon Singapore strongly believes in providing  foundation for a new era of innovation.It has been operating for more than 40 years . Over the years, some of its clients have grown to be established brands we know of today. Its digital marketing services include advertising, brand strategy, brand consulting, web design development and sales production.

7. Vantage Branding

Vantage Branding is a branding agency helps businesses uncover their own unique traits. Their clients range from small medium enterprises to multinational corporations. They have also worked with national institutions, statutory boards and even nonprofit organisations. Recently, they have worked with Mee Mee Optics, Epson and Magnum Spirits and Wines. Commendable projects include Resort World Singapore’s Wings of Time project, which evokes the wonders of Sentosa’s immersive night show by the sea.

8. AUGHT Ltd

AUGHT was founded on the belief in purposeful design. It is a design concept about the pursuit of essentialism through clarity, simplicity and thoughtfulness. They have worked with notable clients such as SingHealth, Joseph Schooling, Singapore Swimming Association, Maison Zhou and CAAS. 

9. TBWA Singapore

TBWA Singapore strives to stay away from traditional and explore unconvential and fresh concepts. They have worked with Spotify, LANCOME, Mastercard, Singapore Tourism Board, Samaritans of Singapore and the list of world-class clients go on . 

10. The Cresset Technologies

The Cresset Technologies is an agency driven by passion. They are spontaneous in what they deliver, and stay true to their slogan of  ‘a good image incorporates, trust, loyalty and credibility.’ They have previously worked with customers such as SAPPHIRE, ARAISH and CECILY CLUNE. They provide branding, web design, conceptualisation and mult-channel aesthetics services.