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Tips on Partnering with Your ERP Provider

More than finding the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, choosing an excellent ERP solution provider is still the most significant decision you need to make for your company. Before the actual ERP selection process, you should know that there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. When choosing your ERP solution provider, you need to think of your long-term goal and consider how the business relationship can be beneficial both for your business and your chosen ERP provider.   

Before Choosing an ERP Provider

Trust is one of the most vital factors you need to test out when deciding which ERP solution to choose. In most cases, you need to ask your provider some basic questions such as:

  1. Does your ERP provider respond to your concerns with utmost urgency? 
  2. Is the company true to its claims and promises?
  3. Can you and your ERP provider work efficiently despite difficult conversations?

Tips on Partnering with Your ERP Provider

To shed some light on this matter, we’ve enlisted the following tips on how to efficiently and successfully partner with your ERP provider. 

  • Conduct a product analysis

An ERP system can be considered a business initiative. As such, before making such a huge move of choosing an ERP provider, defining your business processes, strengths and weaknesses are necessary. Moreover, you should also think about how your processes would probably look like in the future as well as its corresponding business requirements. When choosing an ERP provider, you can use these processes and requirements to gauge the capabilities of your preferred software vendor, allowing you to see how they can help you reach your goals. 

  • Estimate technical fit

As mentioned, ERP systems are business initiatives. However, it’s also important to note that these innovations are also considered technology initiatives. As such, you need to make sure that your preferred ERP solution would work efficiently with your current infrastructure. 

  • Identify the potential benefits of an ERP system

Whether you’re looking for ways to reduce costs, increase revenues or work on your business growth, creating metrics that will allow you to measure the success of your potential ERP system is a must. 

How a Reliable ERP Provider Can Help You

How can your potential ERP provider be an excellent partner? While the type of services and system features vary from one vendor to another, a reliable ERP provider can be called a good partner if they can offer good communication and outstanding support.   

What You Can Do to Help Your Trusted ERP Provider

As a partner, how do you show your support to your ERP provider? Leaving positive reviews based on real, genuine experiences can surely help your provider create a good impression and gain new clients. 

In Essence

Finding an excellent ERP solution is a two-way street. Creating ways to support each other can result in a mutually beneficial and strong relationship. Once you’ve found an ERP vendor you can trust, make an effort to become a great customer for them. 

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